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Related article: die I will die ou and there will I be buried " This was the indictment and commitment made ​​the assumption Cliff his first parish, San Ginés in Briarwood was. he many other offers However, this small church of 350 people was the largest herd size of your is used for food. Cliff accepted the offer with the understanding that the Church standard is Lolita Pussy used -1928 mass. was too modern new to be a sacrilege to borders the majestic spectacle that Henry VIII was on, as he sat from the Pope to set tolerated divorce and lifestyle. s ' why Cliff was drawn in the Church in the first place... the church, the other life forms, known were sentenced to eternal damnation in the southern Baptist Church. If a couple was better than divorced, then it must be more to be : if a man born gay. so, anyone seeking a better life will be punished if life should be. Cliff hopes that the Anglican Church forgiving look the all sexual relations and powers committed when he was in college and the n in the seminar, because now he would take over his role as leader. no have fun, no more quickies capture on stage. One would expect that the leader of the saint... Pastor... all members of the as faith would guide, comfort and moral guidance. that s was more than difficult for him to change his life to Lolita Pussy dramatically. He had very good luck n hidden crimes and bit so that there are no tracks leading to it immoral. He realized that s not alone. Most of its priests - the candidates in the seminar, which was only were as guilty as their misdeeds. Cliff just had no fear, voice among his peers. Again, this would change when Cliff to create an image of spirituality in their community. That did not stop seek or fantasize about him in his bed at night. in ttheir respect, Cliff was in most of his classmates who was ordained as a gay priests, although they do not give the adjective. I was sure that if most of the people heard him say this, that people would be surprised and ready to condemn a his soul, but never really had a good look at every man who respects n who will pay the arrears collar. Cliff arrived in Briarwood on Monday for your time are preparing to celebrate his first Mass the following Sunday. He met with the choir director, organist and the vocal ensemble on Wednesday the night. Adolfo, the choir director, was a big fat with a little sibilant lisp. He was the kind of man who would not want your child to walk would a car. The choir consists of sixteen called singer... four sopranos, four violas, two tenors, four baritones and two bass. Twelve of the sixteen years older limit to the usual usual blue hair. Of the remaining four, two, one tenor and one baritonee, were in the age of 20 years. The tenor was ruddy, boyish face, the blue eyes and no beard. He could easily have Lolita Pussy passed of 13 or 14 baritone was a different story. Why did you choose to join this group can baffle even Ripley. This guy could have played in Hollywood, whether in film or television. His name was Rob Hawley and time , at school or college. perhaps had aspirations of New York for a Broadway star. He had a great volume of music - singing comedy s voice, it does not really mix with the chirping of other birds of evil omen. Timmy Donahue, tenor angelic appearance, was Irish through and through n. He was a typical "Danny Boy" tenor, whose upper register could drown 14 of his 16 fellow choir members (except for Rob, of course). in Despite the emergence of the age difference, there were only six months apart n... both 24, just four years younger than Cliff. They were also Cliff wanted the first two in his inner circle Lolita Pussy of followers. if yourEngineer interviewed for the position, said Chris n high in the ceremony but little formality. I did not know someone with the last n call. He wanted to " be known, lead to s that had taken over his father Kent. It deserves respect, while promoting friendship n friendship... a hop, skip and a jump away from a Cliff total for all old father just confidence. the rectory was with six bedrooms, two bedrooms, a small House large enough to hold one director. the furniture was just plain old no matter how many times they called antique, which contributed old... tend to write songs donated to a step that usually specified na Army Salvation. the church was lovely with rich parishioners \\ \\ n is a glass panel in honor of a deceased member of of his family. Each pair of large windows presentation of the Stations of the Cross was very nice of one of the other seven that s seven representatives, followed by the sacraments. the altar was lit subtly shaded lighting worthy n Hollywood, its design, the work of local community leader Theatre. A large crucifix hung from two wires extending from the roof, the same cross is exposed directly to the main altar in a way that Cliff remembers the sword of Damocles. was meeting request cliff as fast as many of his sheep n as possible so that he published a Communication on the church bulletin board outside the door to the church will be open throughout confessions afternoon to on Saturday. That was a good way to know a lot about our times, because had learned that smaller local communities, when people came to confess. not only explicit details that seemed to be called as name, so it's difficult in times of penance to the setting of sin. A priest said to often have the feeling of worthlessness. "Go and sin no more," , because they knew very well that if he liked what he had done wrong, had to do it again... ( If it feels good,... etc. ) in retrospectt, Cliff felt he should have applied throughout the day confession of sinners --- the line was more than I expected. The confessed that seemed a lot to get off his chest. For a time, is around 3:30, Cliff had to stop to urinate and a cigarette in the bathroom fast. During the afternoon I had heard all the seven deadly sins allowed, except murder, when a man who had poisoned her bull count neighbor well. Say the new pastor learned a lot on the adulterous thoughts in words and indeed a lot. And then there was of women had stolen another woman 's prescription and the prize had entered Day contest of Women for the best pea soup. Cliff had both two choir members, Rob and see Timmy, wait its curves and could not wait to hear about their failures. but the next person to enter the state was a man of about thirty, a man the cliff as physical beauty breathless. The screen divides n had placed wooden slotsCliff saw it, but could not see a Cliff. It would be the young short hair black and curly, dark skin and blue eyes challenge the Paul Newman or Steve McQueen. His voice was sonorous, does not denote a local image identity. He was the center of the cliffs full attention, as he said, " Father, give me your blessing," he began. to the cliff answered. "Is the Lord with all your heart and lips, which have you like humble and faithful to confess their sins " n "I confess to you, Father, I have sinned greatly. thought, word and deed, through my fault, my fault, my grave y error, especially since my last confession, accused me of the following sins : Father I am a victim of my own sins my sins. are so involved and interwoven, I do not know where to start. 've done a lot of things wrong in my life, but I'm involved in a situation so dirty, so are just my thoughts of suicide or perhaps murder. " This is the kind of Cliff confession was seen in the moviesor read Andrew Greeley about a good novel, but never expected him to exempt staff, as the details unfold. " You see, Father, I have always been my appearance, it is better to use advantage. I could not sell an air conditioner, an igloo inhabitants. Never is the woman who met the young or old, I could not go to bed. I worked hard positions where I've done a lot of rich widows in exchange for sexual favors. a few months n I was working as a tennis pro at the Country Club and this beautiful n but the aging society. hired a few lessons at the time, my Lexus was going to be withdrawn, and after a few dates to eat and lots of many cocktails, which offers this bitch rich --- sorry, Father - -. remove the balance of $ 22 000 dollars, you still owe on the car I thought I could of rolls in the hay and work my fault the day was worth it. the Bank in its entirety, I was invited to his house to a "special" dinner. said to extend a Prince Rainier of Monaco... Dom rival Perignon champagne... European roast pheasant... Caviar from Kiev... works! At night the past, and I started my game to them. She was being cautious, but took my hand and led me to a room upstairs. Everything was as I expected, until she opened the door of the room. Sitting in the round of bed, dressed in silk pajamas, his 14 years. I was surprised when the conditions were for my refund. His son was gay n and I was hired to be his sex slave. I naturally refused, but she s been very adamant about the need for n to fulfill my contract and my if he did, he called his brother, who just happened to be a district judge and I say that I abused his son. Father, I trapped. I could not afford the loan and that he risked jail if n refused to enjoy their heritage. The last thing I said when I left the room was with him, "Kenny does not like being disappointed... if not meet him, sorry. " The guy asked me to be mclothing yy for the next three Lolita Pussy hours, wine, wine, suck, lick and fuck each inch hole in my body and I was hoping beyond hope that he was satisfied and I was able to get out while I was still a handful of self-respect left. When I was n le left and down the stairs, I met the old witch was waiting. that s was then, that if they move in. It was asked of me to be an integral part, paid for my debts. I did not know what was going on hourly rate as a teenage prostitute, but I knew it would be too a long, long before they got tired of me. I can not go to the authorities, I have no refuge or planning. I do not know how to get out of my dilemma, short of suicide, not decide if I should kill them, or first. " Cliff wanted to scream," Good God Almighty! "But reserved own. " I know I can play away from the usual "Go, my son, and sin no more than o more" I am a sinner and should go forward, if I want to spend the next 25 years in prison. " cliffGHT long time before responding. " It is unusual for a priest for absolution to " Hold ". But I'm afraid I have no choice. I would na your situation under consideration and see what, if anything , which I can do to escape your of this confinement. I wonder to erase thoughts of suicide, and murder, of course, and we'll see what can happen. no problem is too large to be resolved. this can be resolved to be. the answer is not only evident to us at this time. But I think, between you, that you can do this without resorting to things that solve his soul eternal danger. " " Father, just say pray for me... I need help. " " I will pray for you day and night until this situation No resolved. Do you mind if I ask your name? " " is not the father of Troy, Troy Wilkinson. " " Troy is a possibility it away for tomorrow afternoon to short time? " ", is possible. I say, sometimes I have to go, like my father Sunday, and not return untilthe end. It's like my only night out. " " Your father lives in the area? " " No, he is dead or at least that's what I tell everyone. In fact is ill in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease. I lie upon your death, so that I can find time for me. " " Why do not you go to Vespers in the evening come tomorrow afternoon at 7:00, and then go to the parish house and get a quick bite, and we can set n and talk the whole thing " " I am all I can do to make it. I want to wake up not only suspicion. " " I will pray for you, Troy, and try not to worry own. Let's do it together. " " Thank you, Father. " Cliff could also put a" closed for repairs "sign of the confessional, because mentally he was gone for the rest of the day, such as his thoughts were completely focused on the Troy situation. After two moderate confessions "through " movements, n Rob was next to the baritone. "... I accuse myself of these sins, Father, I am basically a person good. I was a good student, taken directly from "A" s in school. E n popular was the important role they play in my high school production of "Man of La Mancha ", went to college, bachelor's degree Lolita Pussy was in theater and music, has the normal things \\ \\ n, joined a fraternity, playing in the theater productions. He dreamed of, to New York and attend the American Academy of Dramatic Art, and one day be the next Richard Kiley o Alfred Drake. But now I have a as a director of career placement. In college I met a girl in the place and date constantly and then a nearing completion, said she was pregnant. I was not prepared of marriage, nor do I like it enough to marry her. I offered to pay for an abortion , but she did not hear. This will save both of our families shame, I agreed to marry her. It was more like extortion, I guess. It bothered her so much that I swore that if we pass by with the wedding, I would never sleep with her or having sex with her at all over again. I kept that promise. I married her, and after five months together not begin her pregnancy, 'show'. I was very suspicious of only n is not learned, or had a pregnancy. He was only "trap " lied me as her husband. And so, we live in a state of opportunity for the the interests of our families. I swear I'm not so much as touch that I spoke of the "baby". " This is not my biggest problem. It was my third year of college if one drunken night at the fraternity house, me in the back room and have some post -adolescent sexual experimentation with some of my s fraternity brothers. I was 21 and that was when I realized deep inner gay. 's my parents were Lutherans and its respective Church being gay is a sin against God and the church. I could never show my ​​true nature of my father. I have reviewed the treatment. So faithful to the law, which went from striking Frosh girls devotion my family and to protectIf respect. But sometimes, if I could find , the time for a brief interlude, I would have to take every opportunity, is a speed date with a man, if only for 15 minutes. I'm not effeminate n ot even think like a woman, but I feel like the " true self" is captured in and never have the opportunity to experience the happiness they seek. " " Do you remember looking for men who have these meetings ? " " I really would not call meetings. The only sex I have is with strangers in the dark, without knowing his name or see her faces. Outside the city, this is a adult video store and once every two months if I feel my testicles are back blue, and I ran away from the rocks through a hole of glory. or ot my opinion of their parents' divorce. So what I do live in a middle age and hope that it will survive, or accept only a pack a few clothes and run removed and a new identity? I accuse myself to hate my wife, and often wish they were dead. "" Cursed are all members of the community have come the same day? " Thought Cliff. He had to hear confessions dozen other I was down with the problems of people weighted oppression for years, but suddenly everyone wanted their problems and their sins forgiven and resolved in a day. Maybe I should confessional tear to rebuild, so the confessee had a couch to lie Cliff and could invite an offer by the hour. " Rob has these things that bother you do not go night. You've been in and out of years, it is exempted from the thoughts and actions, but that's a problem I'm sure it works. if is free to say next Tuesday night at 7:30, you can stop by the rectory and we can sit out for a drink and talk as two men. you y I n can be freer and then somehow develop something. be Lolita Pussy prepared to stay n a couple of hours, if possible. the world has seen many other n before with the same stTheory, and I'm sure it will be much more than n to come. And many, many of them found a way to freedom and happiness without resort to drastic measures. may be Now the Lord give you absolution and remission of all sins, space for a change of life and grace and comfort of n the world to come. Go in peace, for his sin is removed. " Jesus Christ! This was just the first day of Cliff in his new parish, and that was ready for the madhouse. With everything he had heard from noon, when he was able to no responsibility for sin, the church was the new rectory, with pool Building s. Cliff could see that was available in a bar at home. where was little Timmy and what he confessed to ? (as Cliff does not is as suspicious! ). "... I confess these sins, Father, I can continue living the life I have. I have 23 years of age, graduated last Year n with a degree in music and I got a job as a band and orchestra in high school, where my father first. I love my job andI love my students, but lately, Father, I have become so attracted to them, I their sexual desire. Often leave the band room and seat in a booth to masturbate in the bathroom and asks how I feel. " Cliff had asked the question : " Are they male or female students students, or both? " " Male students... Guys... Guys... Men... Men with penises. All my life I knew I liked the masculine, but in all my life I never had a experience. I'm in my house all my life I lived with my mother and father. It has disapprove my data, while she was Christian and had high moral values. I've never had a girl. Every year when the occupation is Christmas parade, I fear, voluntarily, fearing that the type of casting I like the Virgin Mary. That's what I call every time I look me in a mirror while shaving or brushing your teeth or comb my hair. parent is able to throw more and harder. Sometimes I am not able to control myself and Lolita Pussy Iwant a little trumpet ot jump trombonist and defraud his jeans and buried her head in her lap. I I know if I've tried everything, not only suffer, but my father losing his job and, in addition to being tarred and feathered and hung on the tree nearby. " " parents are members here at the church ? " " Heavens, no, father. They are Southern Baptists ! " Finally, a countryman, with whom he could sympathize Cliff " Tim, you are too rational to do stupid things. I know you would proceed that forces them to any length to cling to a minor student. You should be concerned when calls are to grow beyond control. ¿ I can ask if you are only attracted to younger people, or if you have as an attempt to find a partner to find your age? " " Father, forgive my being so obvious, but sometimes I get so hot that Is sex with a statue of George Washington, found that the lawn front of the school. " " Tim, I'm new to the area, as you know, but you know if there is aRe all the gay bars in Briarwood ? " " There are a few, but can you imagine what would happen to you, when I n or even seen one? Parents of my students ride the town on a rail. "N " I want to talk to you about this length in another place, not n only on confession. I want you to pray over him and remains suppressed of his " demand. " If it helps. go to masturbate in the bathroom and before going a school, and if you feel a strong impulse that we have control, and then go somewhere private and ' off ' again at noon, an n on a regular basis. I do not want to get into trouble before, we find is a solution. "Then a thought came to Cliff. " Are you free to get of the rectory, said Tuesday night at 8:00 ? " " I think so. " " Well, then I will be waiting. Prepared to stay a few hours, as we speak. And now I give you absolution and remission of all his sins, space for a change of life and grace and comfort to reach the World n. I'mNo peace for their sins are gone. put " 06th 00 hours. He was starving and wanted a drink but Cliff knew he could not drink, had an encounter with two young seventh 30 boys, Jason and Tony should serve as acolytes morning masses. Cliff wanted a dress rehearsal for the entire flow no problems. around 7:15, the two boys arrived, could have passed for \\ \\ n brothers... I saw a light brown hair... medium size, body size and middleweight, and the innocent eyes bright with two 17- year-old children. They gathered Jason 's car. cliff was about to learn the n the parents of two boys were friends long before either child was born... in the same year away in the same month but three days Tony is the oldest. as children played together in the park itself had grown side by side, almost like twins. were inseparable n since birth. were very friendly and fun, and each person is unique, it could the image of the All-American boy. Both had served the church as acolytes for two years and were well trained in their tasks. The recalled two Cliff both Roger and although at this age. It also has wondered if the two played the same Roger "games " and that there a your age? (Presumably, if they were in the vicinity ). The mass of imitation went without a hitch and Cliff asked him to go for a burger, and had not eaten, but they refused and said n had plans for one tenth To see 00 movies the clock in the multiplex. For the first time in hours was alone in the peaceful Cliff the solitude of the sanctuary. You could almost feel the vibrations from one side Confess " confession. A lot of pain was full of that today, and it would take hours to Cliff to record everything and solve. It first went to the bench and pulled his knees bench and knelt down. He did not pray. He just looked at the altar and the hanging up crucifix size and tried to captUre a sense of peace and serenity to soothe the doubts and indecision. This was to be his new home, good, bad or indifferent, and he had decided to accept the the church, its people and their problems. For a person who had lived a life empty irresponsibility, Cliff had challenged even more than it could imagined. u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e There are three services on Sunday morning. The first was just a celebration of the Eucharist... Not a sermon... without music. Only six or eight members of the community part. A 09 30 services, held its communion with a sermon. Those who go to the lake or golf would be visited it. At 11:00 hours, pulled out all the stops... Mass, the sermon, the choir, body, a complete change in the robes of colors and roll sensors with smoke jasmine. There were over 200 people for " opening day " Cliff to review, approve or criticize. It was a difficult building to play... until s the new president has become accustomed. Jason and Tony did their job, such as clockwork. Cliff chose Psalm 121, a text for his sermon... "I'm going to lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. " He was involved in Low sure about text, and the suspects in the community asked for help. Cliff showed no favoritism in his the first Sunday, so he refused all invitations to dinner on Sunday. an invitation that he wanted to accept, out of this attractive blonde woman in her 40 years, sitting on a bench with a young good looking, who are 14 or 15 years of age seemed be in the , in turn, sits next to Troy. As Cliff has his eyes sermon rebounding in each of them tried to evaluate and position, and the n in the back mind Cliff, who was still wondering if Troy, the problem could be solved No civilians? Times n Cliff many to lose their train of thought and expression blocked Troy eyes. It was something of this young man who Cliff could not explain. Cliff just wanted to look and ADOreturn to it. no child or the man in her past has not affected this way. He was dressed in sexual Troy ? Cliff would be absurd to deny it, but if Troy was only trapped gays in Lolita Pussy a situation where he felt trapped, which could refuse cliffs help.... Moreover, as Troy "entrepreneur " was the largest donor of Cliff, Cliff had to be extra careful attention to their interest in Troy n by strangling web of grief. After the service, Cliff went to the door to shake hands and fulfill all that he had not finished the previous day. He played is the role of innocence, while Troy took her hand and introduced himself, as if met for the first time. But when Troy felt his hand pressed Cliff in his, traversed by a wave of enthusiasm over his head and made his spine tingling. Cliff was very attracted to him, but had Lolita Pussy no way of knowing if is the feeling was mutual. Cliff hoped and prayed more than ever that Troy maintain its preset meeting late at night. u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003cManaged u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e Troy and somehow was able to attend the night of the eve without the accompaniment of the other two. He was there... Sitting in the fifth-largest bank. Cliff did not remember a word of consultation were his thoughts as all focused on the young. Cliff gave the blessing and the s up to you, except Troy. " Have you eaten dinner?" Cliff asked. "No! " " Would you go to a bite or want to get in the parish house and see if we can dine at some of the silverware court n the ladies of the church gave to me this week? "n " I think it's probably best if it can be seen in public or in a restaurant because I think to visit my father. " \\ \\ n "is fine. Let me turn on the light and close the doors. you can take over and I wait in my house. I'll have to wait a minute in the ". feared Cliff him get a parking ticket while driving his car in the same speed of your heart and mind were running. Parked in the drive and wasStation, the young man was waiting. Cliff closed the door n , and invited his guest in. He led Troy in the kitchen and began to unload in the refrigerated section with ham, chicken, carrots fills salads and the like. Cliff was not Troy approach from behind, as Cliff leaned to get a in the lower compartment, but when he got up and found Troy standing about six Cliff inches. His body was blocked Cliff and the eyes of his s have avoided looking into the eyes, surprised the new priest. Cliff froze for a moment, not knowing what would be the next train Troy. Troy took the cup of Lolita Pussy potato salad, and laid hands on the cliff in the table behind him without his attitude. Troy put his hands Cliff cheeks, cupping his face, and said softly. " Sorry, Father," With the excuse unjustified, leaned her head forward Troy bowing slightly and Cliff pursed lips, whose body was weak. Cliff had gradually get coldtor in order to consolidate control. Each application and all the pleasure Cliff Troy had felt from the for the first time he saw the eyes of Troy answered only in the kiss Cliff tender ever felt. Cliff did not want to leave, but at the same time, s I was afraid to respond to Troy. I did not want to show how was completely overcome with emotion. Cliff was Troy, the next step , if desired. Troy kissed him again and held for about 15 seconds before he returned. "Did I crash ? " Troy finally asked quietly. "No!" Cliff 's voice seemed to whisper an echo of Troy. " offended me so much? " "No! " " Well, were you surprised ? " " To say the least, they. " " do not know what made ​​me do this. I hope that when you you are offended that I assign as the front. I do not know if a man kisses against morale... but since yesterday the afternoon, when I left in the church... kiss was higher n in my head. I've never kissed a mone before. I've never known a man before I wanted to kiss , and now, while I'm here, completely baffled, I have no idea So I wanted to kiss you. " ", do not be ashamed. You see, if I had not taken the first step that probably would. " " Then you are gay, as I expected, " said Troy. " Yes, I am a gay man trapped in a clerical collar. "N " I thought so... well, I guess I expected. The only single explanation I can offer at this time... well, you know what I'm using to do to pay my bills... So for weeks, I enjoy to get the jollies young master your game with my naked body... s, but after a while enjoying the pleasure it gave me started... no all... just a couple of things. At night, when the lights go out, and wanted to perform oral sex on him, I began to wonder what it would be , as with someone closer to my age. I mean, having sex with for many girls and women, sometimes I was bored with it. However, this guy... this guy... dewGHT things I felt certain things o woman has been brought to the surface. Then I started to doubt n since I started to enjoy it, maybe it was really " bi" or something... and yesterday... a conversation with you... They were the first ray hope I had in my life for a long time... and I wanted to thank any. Hell, I admit... I'd gladly... when I thought I could get away with it. While I am that my cards on the table, I front and say I had a good session pull -off in the bathroom last night, to think of you. " " How far were probably go with me? "Cliff asked warily. " If you let me... that is, if they were right. Heck, took a big chance... if he had and gave him a kiss... I do not think that know what I did out of shame and guilt. " " Troy? " " Yes " " Would you like to spend the night with me? "N " At this moment? Lolita Pussy More than anything in the world! "N " I can not think of anything in the world I raI do not know. " " You may have to teach me some things... I mean, you are " n " My first real man I'll consider that. If you go too far or too fast, let me n to know when to stop. I've been known to be notorious in the bedroom. " " You had a lot of action, right? " " A little. I have many guys you have a lot of different kinds of sex... but that's a challenge for me is possible. " " Why? " " is the moment of confession to me now... You see, with the other kids have, o I never felt like I am now with you... You 're the first man in a long, long time I wanted to make love... involved not only in even sex. " " say " " Do you want to feel what I feel? If you're feeling what I feel the answer may well be " Yes. " Why do not we go to the room, take bedding to discover what the two are actually feeing ? 'S Troy asked. "" "I can undress ? Only if you love me again the gesture. ""N I have four buttons, a belt buckle and a rack to play with you ". ", lights on or off? " "off... let's do it your way... no... let's have sex in the lie No dark and see what happens. " only a few minutes later they were both naked, and Cliff was at the top of Troy, insist gently on the lips of Troy, thus suggesting... wait Cliff invited Troy to meet his tongue. Troy had the idea and opened its Cliff lips and his tongue slipped into the mysteries of exploration opening. The value that Troy is exhaled into the hot mouth and Cliff sweet... with a touch of mint, Cliff had the hope that Troy is his fresh breath for all that had tasted the wine of the community. Cliff is hunger for love was gone, his hunger for food. His hands were busy body slides over another, exploration unfamiliar areas. u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e (To be continued in " Briarwood " Chapter Four. )
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